• 2019 Annual Conference

    September 7 – 9
    The Roosevelt, New Orleans

  • Cultivating & Inspiring Women In Law

    Women helping women build their careers and strengthen their skills

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  • Committed to Empowering Women Lawyers

    The Alliance is passionately committed to the purpose of the family of women lawyers

  • Women Lawyers Leading, Inspiring and Mentoring

    The Alliance of Women Trial Lawyers advances the influence and impact of women in the legal community

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  • Alliance of Women Trial Lawyers is a Community

    Representing the intelligence, creativity, complexity and diversity of women lawyers

What We Do


Our Mission…

The Alliance of Women Trial Lawyers supports women trial lawyers who take responsibility for successful relationships with other professionals.

The Alliance is women helping women build their careers, strengthen their skills, and ultimately find harmony in work and life through support, collaboration, empowerment and inspiration.

Our Vision

The Alliance provides an environment for women trial lawyers to lead, inspire, and mentor other women trial lawyers. We aim to help them embrace their power, purpose, and value, and to take responsibility for their relationships by:

  • offering exceptional continuing legal education
  • giving them platforms to share their resources and talents
  • creating opportunities to build rewarding referral networks

Alliance of Women Trial Lawyers Faculty


Attorney Spotlight

Ibiere Seck

In 1995, the trial of O.J. Simpson riveted the nation, and Ibiere Seck, a teenager in Washington state, was no different. One person in particular mesmerized her: Johnnie Cochran.

“He had a way about him,” she says. “I felt like: That’s what I want to do.”

She became determined to follow in his footsteps. She wound up doing a better job at that than she could have possibly imagined—not only attending Cochran’s alma mater, not only practicing in his city, but working at his firm: The Cochran Law Firm in Los Angeles.

Alliance of Women Trial Lawyers Community

A community of women lawyers coming together for the specific purpose of Encouraging, Supporting, Collaborating, Empowering & Inspiring

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