What is Trojan Horse Method?

Trojan Horse Method is a specialized course for plaintiff’s and criminal defense attorneys.

Trojan Horse works to develop skills in trial lawyers via two components 1) presentation skills and 2) trial structure.  Presentation skills are real-life communication methods that can be learned and practiced to engage the jury. They are based on fundamental principles of communication and can be honed to allow the lawyer to deliver the details of the case in an engaging way.  Structure is the order of information/evidence.  It is the nuts and bolts of what information to deliver, when and how.  Using presentation skills within segments of the structure is the power behind trojan horse.

The Alliance is hosting an introductory course to the Trojan Horse Method, with Instructor Ilya Lerma, as part of the annual conference, September 7 – 9, at The Roosevelt New Orleans.

Don’t miss this opportunity to master your presentation skills and maximize damages.

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